What I detest most… LIARS!!!

My last blog/post was about thankfulness and who and what I am thankful for… Tonight, I am upset yet again. I don’t normally use the word “hate”, but I hate LIARS. I detest them. They are the scum of the earth. I do not understand what is so hard about telling the truth. I have interviewed (or been interviewed) however you want to look at it by two prospective families to babysit. The one family called me immediately and stated they found someone closer and would use me as a back up if they needed someone and that they really liked me. I was GRATEFUL for the hour that they gave me.

The other family, barely gave me the time of day. Came in, sat on the edge of my couch. Desperate in need of someone, yet won’t call me back. I took her around the whole house even. She offered to even bring beds over. She is a grandmother and asked me (I am probably between her daughter and her age) if I could handle 2 kids overnight age 6 mos and 16 mos. I found this odd as if I couldn’t handle them sleeping then I would not have applied. This is what I do for a living. I have watched/ cared for 12 children at a time in that age group with my X husband. I feel overly qualified to watch 2 children overnight with my fiance now.

I grew up with 7 siblings and 9 foster siblings all of whom but 2 were special needs and I was the second oldest until my JR year in HS ( my older brother passed away leaving me the oldest). While in 6th grade my parents had 4 of the foster kids we ranged in age from 2-12. The youngest, my foster sister, at first slept in the hall as we were full to capacity even in the huge house we lived in. But, I balked to my mom about it and she put her in me and my other sister’s room and put our dresser in the hall with one stipulation that I would get up with her in the middle of the night if she woke~ and I did. I would get up and hold her on the side of my bed and rock her in my arms. Not because my mom refused to, but because I wanted to. I loved taking care and helping my mom with my brothers and sisters (most of the time). Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher or a nurse in a nursery. Instead, life happened and I got married and ran a day care out of my home. Content.

Well, what prompted this rant was that I called the grandma over the weekend (on Sunday when she said she wanted to bring the kids over to meet me) and the daughter was “on vacation camping with the 2 kids”. Ok, whatever… It’s down to 40 overnight, but I’ll bite. So tonight, 3 days later, I called again to see what if anything was going to transpire out of this. The grandma said, “yes, she still needs someone and she will contact you but we have been busy the last few days with her moving”. (This is a different story from “camping” and completely different from when we talked the end of last week when she was living with them. Well, I got back on the net which is where I found the ad to start with and the daughter put her own ad up that she needs a sitter ASAP posted an hour ago… Another words, Grandma and daughter are not even on the same page. So irritating… I’m 1/2 tempted that when they call to say they need me to tell them to take a hike. See, I have better things to do then be dangled like a worm and be last on a list. If they want someone else then so be it. Get someone else, but have the guts to tell me so I can move on with my life and get someone else in my home and not hold the space for your 2 children.

As of tonight the space is now empty…. I will no longer hold spaces for kids who are not here. Just not going to do it. I will institute my contract again. I was hoping to not have to do it. I may even add in a fee to hold places if people are going to make me wait 1-2 weeks and not call or let me know… Time to dig out the old paperwork and back to the drawing board. I will not be used or walked on.. I will just get on… 🙂

Quote from the internet I found that fits how I feel
Quote from the internet I found that fits how I feel

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