Thank You

The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).

So many things… I look around and see them all… As I once told my child (just look next to you and work out), so here goes…

50 items: not hard to think of, just here…

pen, paper, keyboard, my hands, legs, mind, brain, fingers, fingernails, my engagement ring, cell phone, stereo speaker, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, stapler, scissors, envelopes, computer, pc screen, pc programs, wallet, money, camera, slippers, shoes, socks, shirt, pants, undies, bra, trees, lamp, lights, dishes, silverware, pots, pans, blinds, moon, sun, stars, car, calendar, flowers, letters, numbers, trashcans, headphones, books

Now, the someone I am thankful for: God for the obvious reason if you are Christian, you understand (if not, I’m not explaining or making this into a religious/ political debate- this is what I am thankful for).. It’s my post/blog and that is what I am making it.. MINE

The second most important persons I am thankful for are my parents (they have been there since (well, not day one, but 10 months old and that is good enough for me). And they are still there for me when I need them. We still have our differences as all people do, but they are very important to how I turned out as an adult and individual in this world and I am very thankful to them.

I am extremely and tied in importance to my fiance who has seen my good side and unfortunately my bad side yet even though we do not have the bond of parent and child, he has still stood by me even though we are not married. He loves me for who I am and not for what he wants me to be. That is sometimes (ok.. alot of times) hard for me to comprehend. He is a people pleaser and always wants everyone to be happy (it is unfortunately one of his biggest flaws to the point of him sometimes reading that others are not happy even when they are. He has helped me in more ways that I can describe. He is a wonderful singer, creator, and artist. He likes to read books. We just bought a new home and he is loving all the new ideas that come with making it his own home.  He never gives himself enough credit and I wish he did. He is a great dad to a super 13 year old and I wish he believed in himself as much as I did. I don’t nearly build him up as mcuh as I should and I am glad for this topic as it is a stark reminder that now days we spend more time tearing people down than building them up. It ruins relationships, friendships and lifelong loves.


Oh wait… I almost forget… my 13 yr old step son who drives me nut (oh yes, no ranting) just kidding… 🙂 I love him to pieces. I did not give birth to him and that does not lessen the ends of the earth I would go to protect him, the love I have for him, or the obstacles I would cross to do for him. He is crazy about a special someone (I think he is too young, but what do I know.. I’m just and old lady.. haha) and as long as they keep it un-sexual, she is a beautiful young lady and is good for him in many ways. She has her head and feet planted and her parents are wonderful. He loves exploring and is a terrific artist. He hates chores like most teens, loves video games and I love to hang-out with him (I even get jealous when he won’t hang with me… We enjoy photography, video games, and board games 😦 He enjoys playing pokemon with his friends here in our new town with new kids. He enjoys theater and helping others…

I hope that in writing this I will come to realize what a great man, wonderful parents and awesome child I have…

and of course my pets who are ever loyal… currently I have a cat, Snowball and a dog, Sasha… :0

Those are the most important people I am thankful for (besides the OBVIOUS of friends, other family, service members, etc… etc… etc… ) Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my life near, dear to my heart. Love ya all.. 🙂


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