What have you been putting off doing? Why?

Wow.. that is a loaded question.. ha ha… UNPACKING. Of course there is no real reason as to why… exhaustion, lazy, so many other things to do, life abounding, phone calls, changing our addy everywhere (hopefully for the last time in my life ), paying bills, being sick, drs appointments, household chores along with the new house problems like flooding, school starting, a myriad of reasons I could give, but most end in about the same thing.. I am very tired of looking at all of it, so I block it out of my mind, busy myself with other things and then the boxes sit even longer.

What a horrid question to start the week… LOL… Why not something like… when does school start where you live and how happy I am that it started today.. ha ha… but… no, a negative connotation to begin an already stressed week. But, ok… I will take this, make it into a positive. I didn’t pack all the boxes in one day, one week or even in one month as life does happen. So, without kicking myself while I am already down, I will in no way expect myself to unpack them all in even less time. We are able to live with the boxes we have unpacked now. It is a functional unpack. The walls are still bare, leaves much to do when we are stuck in for the winter blues. In the meantime, still working on where everything’s proper place should be. Fun and stressful at the same time.

So as I sit here procrastinating even longer, I can’t wait to see and read what others are procrastinating about. Is it worth it? yes, no, maybe… I guess it depends on the person, point of view, what you are putting off, why you are putting it off, who it is harming, if you have a goal to finish it… and an assortment of other questions to ask yourself. For me… It does not actually harm anyone, unsightly maybe, harm no. Annoying probably, harmful no. Am I and others busy, yes, will it ever get finished- yes! When will it get accomplished- someday… Unfortunately, my actual finish date is a bit broad. I have a full calendar of things to do, and therefore have no set date to finish it all. We need many things and funds are running low due to fixing up necessities, so somethings will have to wait like books in boxes that need new bookshelves… In the meantime, I take it in stride, take breaks away from home to keep from stressing out and enjoy my new home as much as possible hoping I have many memories and years here to worry less about boxes and more about life…

Have a great night and rest of the week…

procrastination of boxes in basement still needing unpacked
Procrastination at it’s finest: Boxes still needing unpacked:





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